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Xreart GameBoy Colour Frame

Xreart GameBoy Colour Frame


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A tribute to the GameBoy Colour - the successor of the original Nintendo GameBoy with a colour screen!

Xreart artwork pieces are a unique gift for people who love tech. Each piece tastefully pays tribute to devices that have great personal and nostalgic significance.

Each Xreart piece is built by hand with devices sourced from authorised suppliers. Each device is then disassembled, cleaned, sterilised and the parts are carefully placed inside the frame.

NOTE: Devices insides these frames are used, so there may be some scratches on the casing. Dummy battery casings are used for safety purposes.


  • Manufacturer: Xreart
  • Dimensions: Frame Size 33 x 33 x 3.5cm Template Paper Size 30 x 30cm

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