About us

We love our Apple devices and are regular users of Macs, iPads and iPhones. To us the designs of these devices are second to none.

We also understand that ergonomics and functionality is important as well. So we set out to find beautiful accessories to match these beautiful devices.

The Usual launched in October 2017 as a result of this. Our mission is to never see an iMac with a phonebook stand or another Instagram-worthy bedside table with a Lightning cable hanging off the side.

At the heart of The Usual are these core principles:
  • Choosing our products wisely (think of that scene in Indiana Jones but a bit less dramatic). 
  • Every product should have a detail that we love. Most of our products are designed for everyday use so details matter.
  • Presenting our products in the best light. Our selection is more than a generic beige products, they need to be presented that way.
  • Your experience with us matters.

If you feel that any of our products or interactions do not meet these principals please let us know.

Australian Company Details
Name: The Usual Pty Ltd
ABN: 75 622 221 836