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Twelve South HoverBar Duo (2nd Generation)

Twelve South HoverBar Duo (2nd Generation)


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Create, consume and work on your iPad with the most flexible iPad stand on the market

Product Description

HoverBar Duo, Second Generation, has arrived.

The new HoverBar Duo (2nd gen) combines everything you love about this flexible stand with a new QuickSwitch Tab that lets you switch between the Desktop Base and Adjustable Shelf Clamp in seconds. Moving your iPad and HoverBar from your home office to the kitchen or workshop has never been easier. HoverBar Duo (2nd gen) is also available in Matte Black or New Matte White.

Helping hand in the kitchen.

Follow recipes or make cooking videos more easily knowing your iPad is securely held up off the counter instead of leaning against an olive oil bottle. Clamped under a cabinets or resting on its heavy metal desk stand, HoverBar Duo gives you the freedom to get FaceTime cooking tips from a friend and share a glass of wine for virtual happy hour. We’re sure you’ll cook up a long list of clever ways to use HoverBar Duo.

See eye-to-eye on video calls.

Your iPad is great for video calls - but not when it’s laying flat on your desk! The height-adjustable HoverBar lifts your camera to eye level and positions your screen in portrait for more natural, one-on-one conversations. Then rotate iPad & HoverBar horizontally to capture the whole conference room. Always show your best angle on video calls with the help of HoverBar Duo.

Meet your assistant Stage Manager (and Universal Control stand-in)

New software features like Universal Control, Sidecar and the upcoming Stage Manager practicallyrequire iPad right next to your external monitor. HoverBar Duo aligns your iPad to second screens flawlessly. And remember, because you can switch supports so easily, HoverBar can put your iPad to work somewhere else in a snap.

Features, specs, compatibility & more

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Features & Specs


  • Flexible arm with a weighted Desktop base and Adjustable Shelf Clamp
  • Holds and iPad or iPhone in an extensive range of positions, heights and angles
  • Universal device clip
  • Includes weighted Desktop Base and Adjustable Shelf Clamp
  • New QuickSwitch Tab allows you to change between the Desktop Base and Adjustable Shelf Clamp in seconds
  • Manufacturer: Twelve South
  • Compatibility: Most iPhone and iPad models, Nintendo Switch. Refer to dimensions for minimum and maximum device dimensions
  • Available Colours: Matte Black and Matte White
  • iPad Clip: Maximum width: 220mm. Minimum height: 127mm.
  • Shelf Clamp: Maximum width: 34mm. Minimum width: 10mm.
  • Arm Length: Full extended length: 381mm.

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