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Twelve South Curve Flex

Twelve South Curve Flex


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A MacBook stand that is as flexible and as portable as a MacBook

Product Description

What it is:  The Twelve South Curve Flex is a beautiful MacBook stand that you can almost take anywhere due to its fold flat design. It can elevate a MacBook screen and camera up to 55cm and the keyboard up to 45 degrees.

Why it's needed:

  • Portable design for use between desks, cafes and a desktop setup
  • Elevates your screen to get the MacBook camera close to eye level for video calls or a comfortable desktop setup (just add a keyboard and mouse)
  • Flexible design allows for adjustability of the screen height and keyboard angle

Makes MacBook more… flexible.

Carry your Twelve South Curve Flex to the coffee shop and position the stand as a handy desktop wedge. You can adjust both the height and the angle of your keyboard. When you arrive back at the office, elevate Curve Flex to its max height and your MacBook screen + webcam are eye-level and as tall as your external monitor!

Elevate what you see and how you're seen.

Curve Flex elevates your MacBook screen up to 22 inches high so your MacBook camera is eye-level for video calls. Have a dual-screen setup? Curve Flex has the reach to align your MacBook screen with external monitors like the 27-inch Apple Studio Display.

Your favorite Curve stand, to-go.

This gorgeous, highly flexible MacBook stand folds flat so you can take it pretty much anywhere. To and from work, coffee shops, co-working spaces, or on trips. The 28-ounce Curve Flex even includes a padded neoprene travel sleeve.

Elevate your MacBook screen up to 22-inches

Features, specs, compatibility & more

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Features & Specs


  • Elevates your MacBook screen + camera up to 55cm (22 inches)
  • Adjusts your keyboard angle from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Folds flat to go wherever your MacBook goes
  • Available in Matte Black or Matte White
  • Neoprene travel sleeve
  • Hex wrench included for adjustable tension
  • Manufacturer: Twelve South
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all laptops at least 8.66-inch wide and up to 3kg
  • Available Colours: Matte Black and Matte White
Dimensions & Specs
  • Width: 264mm
  • Depth: 224mm
  • Height when folded flat: 30mm
  • Max height when unfolded: 274mm
  • Space between base legs: 185mm
  • Weight: 0.79kg

Product Notes