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SquareHood Mini Soft Shutter Button

SquareHood Mini Soft Shutter Button


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  • Make your shutter button a bit easier to press and give your camera a nice subtle pop of colour.

  • The SquareHood Mini Soft Shutter Button is designed to make pushing the shutter button and half-press autofocusing on your camera a little easier.

    Made from solid brass these buttons are only 7mm in diameter with a convex head rising 2mm above the shutter button. A rubber ring prevents the button from unwinding.

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Features & Specs


  • Manufacturer: SquareHood
  • Materials: Solid brass with rubber ring
  • Dimensions: 7mm diameter, 2mm height
  • Compatibility: Cameras with threaded shutter button
  • Colours: Black, brass, red and silver

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