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Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe

Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe


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A versatile filmmaking mount for MagSafe

Product Description

What it is: The Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe is just the mount you need for filmmaking. It features 7 threads for use with magic arms, tripods, rig mounts, ball heads and more.

Why it's needed: For mounting your phone on commonly used filmmaking mounts.

(M)Force for Extra Strength

We don’t want our phone falling off our tripod, so we engineered a proprietary configuration of magnets to provide extra strength. Custom tuned magnets combined with a grippy backer pad allow for the strongest connection possible.

Wide Compatibility

Whether connecting directly to an iPhone 12, 13, a third-party accessory, or our Moment Cases. (M)Force will give you the confidence that your phone is going to stay in place for whatever you’re shooting.

Extremely Versatile

Whether you're shooting a cooking video or watching a cooking video on how to make your dinner, this handy mount will support your phone and keep your hands free.

So Many Threads!

The Moment Multi Threaded Mount for MagSafe has 7 threaded holes in total. 5 of those are standard 1/4"-20 threaded holes which are the most commonly used mounting option for tripod and filmmaking accessories. We also added 2 holes with a 3/8" thread for those bigger screws you might come across. So be it a magic arm, a tripod, or a stand, this mount will play nice with it.

Ease On, Easy Off

User experience is where MagSafe shines. We made this mount to take full advantage of it. You'll be able to mount and dismount your phone with just one hand.

Top-Down Shots Made Simple

If you're the one doing a lot of to-down videos, be it product presentations, cooking, repairing things, or drawing on your desk, you know how much hassle it is to set up a whole rig for a camera. With this mount, you can use your phone and get creating in minutes.

Features, specs, compatibility & more

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Features & Specs


  • Includes (2) standard 3/8” female threads.
  • Includes (5) standard 1/4”-20 female threads.
  • Works with iPhone 12, 13, 14 phones directly or with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel phones in our (M)Force Cases
  • Compatible with MagSafe cases and accessories.
  • Works with most cases using our The Stick-on Adapter - for MagSafe
  • Proprietary (M)Force magnet array and grip pad.
  • Machined metal body for long-lasting durability
  • Padded contact points to keep your phone safe
  • Not compatible with Moment Lenses when paired with an iPhone 12/13 Mini
  • Manufacturer: Moment
  • Compatibility: iPhones with MagSafe directly or MagSafe compatible cases. Moment cases with (M)Force (Pixel, Samsung Galaxy)
Dimensions & Specs
  • Dimensions: 58mm x 58mm x 8.5mm
  • Accessory Threads: 5x 1/4”-20 thread | 2x 3/8” thread
  • Mounting Thread: 1/4”-20

Product Notes