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Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags

Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags


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A rugged hard-shell mount for AirTags

Product Description

What it is: The Moment Hard Shell Mount for AirTags is a lightweight and rugged casing to keep an AirTag hidden and secure.

Why it's needed: This is the perfect discrete and hidden AirTags mount, perfect for use with a hard-shell suitcase or camera case.

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Features & Specs


  • Compatible with AirTags
  • Allows you to mount an AirTag to any hard surface, from flat to slightly-curved
  • Rugged adhesive backing for secure stick to hard surfaces
  • Low profile and lightweight aramid fiber construction
  • Watertight once stuck onto surface
  • Foam lining to keep AirTag secure and prevent rattle
  • Extra adhesive pad included for removal and installation on new surfaces
  • Manufacturer: Moment
  • Materials: Aramid fiber
  • Compatibility: Apple AirTags
Dimensions & Specs
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 10.75 mm
  • Materials: Aramid Fibre Shell

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