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Moment Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Series

Moment Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Series


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The most complete case ever from Moment - the first lens and filter attachment that snaps onto the case

Product Description

What it is: The Moment Case for iPhone 14 series offers extra protection, stronger magnets, a wrist strap attachment and compatibility with the Moment ecosystem of accessories (including new UV protectors and filter mount).

Why it's needed: If you want to join the Moment ecosystem of lenses, filters, MagSafe mounts and more this is the way to go. Just get the case and add the attachments you need.


Rated for drops up to 10 feet, these cases include additional internal shock-absorbing geometry to protect your phone. A series of ribs surround the phone and are specifically designed to direct force away from the device during an impact. We even leave room for you to apply a Screen Protector, giving you that extra comfort.

Works With Moment Lenses

Using the Drop-in Lens Interface for our iPhone 14 you can attach any of our Moment M-Series lenses to your phone. The Drop-in Lens Interface includes three locating points to keep things tight, secure, and precise when you attach a lens. A refined lens fit makes installing a lens easy and effortless.

MagSafe Compatible

Inside the Moment Case for iPhone 14, we have included a magnet array that is MagSafe compatible. From chargers to third-party products to our Moment Mounts for MagSafe… this case works out of the box with any products that are MagSafe compatible.

Add Protection For Your Precious Built-In Lenses

If you are like us you wanna avoid scratches at all costs. Now you can protect it just like you would your big camera with our Snap-On Filter System for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Our CineClear Snap-On Protection Filters (sold separately) offer a layer of protection for the "eyes" of your phone combatting the elements, pocket dust, fingerprints, and sharp edges in your everyday life. This new system is an evolution of the one we created for the iPhone 13. These filters snap over the Drop-In Lens Mounts, so you don't need to take the case off the phone. Putting them on and taking them off is literally a Snap.

Filters Made Easy

To make the iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max compatible with standard 67mm filters in a snap, we've created the Moment 67mm Snap-On Filter Adapter for iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max (sold separately). The 67mm Snap-On Filter Adapter clicks onto your Moment Case in seconds, allowing you to quickly apply filter looks over all three camera lenses.

A Whole Ecosystem

The new Moment Case for iPhone 14 is a part of a large ecosystem built around ease of use both in everyday life and content creation. We've got you with a plethora of accessories that are designed to work seamlessly together.

Features, specs, compatibility & more

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Features & Specs


  • NEW, ribbed rail design offers 10ft of protection.
  • Premium microfiber inner lining keeps your phone protected.
  • Optimized for 5G with an NEW updated dielectric constant material.
  • NEW, thiner (M)Force magnet array that is MagSafe compatible.
  • Compatible with NEW Snap-on 67mm Filter Mount to attach any standard filter to your phone.
  • Compatible with NEW Snap-on Cineclear Protection Filter to keep your glass protected.
  • Compatible with NEW Drop-In Lens Mount to attach any Moment lens to your phone. (Sold separately.)
  • Reinforced wrist strap attachments to easily add (or take off) a wrist strap.
  • Built-in (M)Force magnet array is MagSafe compatible
  • Compatible with Qi wireless chargers.
  • Works great with Moment Mounts for MagSafe
  • Manufacturer: Moment
  • Compatibility: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Available Colours: Black, Indigo, Olive and Red Clay

Dimensions & Specs

iPhone 14
  • Dimensions: W82mm x H165mm x D12mm
  • Weight: 42gm
iPhone 14 Plus
  • Dimensions: W82.3 x H165.7 x D12mm
  • Weight: 50gm
iPhone 14 Pro
  • Dimensions: W82mm x H165mm x D12mm
  • Weight: 41gm
iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Dimensions: W82.3 x H165.7 x D12mm
  • Weight: 50gm

Product Notes