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Moment Adjustable Leather Camera Strap

Moment Adjustable Leather Camera Strap


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A beautifully made leather camera neck strap

Product Description

What it is: The Moment Adjustable Leather Camera Neck Strap is a camera neck strap that is made for all occasions.

Why it's needed: It is a tough and durable strap made from Ecco leather with fine craftsmanship. Suitable for use on anything between a hike in the woods to a wedding or dinner party.

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Features & Specs


  • Adjustable Length from 37 inches to 44 inches
  • Made from premium ecco leather
  • Neck is lined with microfibre
  • 10-stop matte black buckles for easy adjustment
  • Can be used as a neck strap or crossbody strap
  • Features our new quick-release system.
  • Built to work with your phone or camera.
  • Manufacturer: Moment
  • Materials: Ecco leather, microfibre lining
  • Compatibility: Works with phones and cameras
  • Available Colours: Natural
Dimensions & Specs
  • Materials: Premium Ecco Leather
  • Strap Length: 939.8 - 1117.6mm

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